Cities and Towns, Word Search Coloring Books, Pictograms


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In this volume of Cities and Towns across America Word Search Coloring Books, Pictograms. There are fifty original puzzles, each page features a state with six cities. This is a great book for kids learning about geography.

This book takes word searches to the next level. Each pictogram represents a letter. Use this key to help you find the correct pictures that represent the letters that form the words. Grab the crayons and let the word search and coloring begin. With different levels of difficulties, let your brain decide on how detailed you want to let the puzzles get. From a simple line through a found word to coloring each letter, the creative possibilities are endless.
The popularity of coloring books has recently grown by leaps and bounds. Coloring books are no longer only loved by children. Adults are finding themselves pulling out the crayons too. It might not be widely known, but psychologists have been using coloring books as relaxing techniques since the early twentieth century. When we color, we are using multiple parts of our brain.

I’ve created these unique books because having cerebral palsy, my body is constantly in motion. Sometimes I will catch myself wanting to doodle on a piece of paper, even though I must use a computer for everything. But after researching the calming effects of coloring, I have found what I always needed. When my hands and my brain are focused on coloring, the other parts of my body begin to relax.

So pull out your crayons and start enjoying the benefits of coloring.


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