About Me…

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My name is Claire and I’m the owner and creator of Whimsy Word Search, an innovative book publishing company. I come up with the ideas for books, create the pages and do the publishing, all myself. It may seem like the typical story of a strong woman building a business while raising a happy family, but my story has an interesting twist, which is that I’m living with a severe physical disability. Aside from this, I’m pretty much like everyone else.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been captivated by the magic of adult coloring books. If you haven’t noticed, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Coloring books are no longer just reserved for children. Adults are now buying their own Crayola boxes and joining the craze, myself included.

In this age of multi-tasking, with so many parents juggling young kids and aging parents, people are beginning to take time out, escaping from their world with a good coloring book. It’s not widely known, but psychologists have been recommending coloring books as a relaxing technique for clients since the early 20th Century.

When we cCLAIRE BACKolor, we use multiple parts of our brain. Mixing and matching colors requires us to use the creative parts of our brain, while coloring within the lines requires coordination, which comes from using the logical part of our brain. The act of coloring lowers other brain functions, allowing us to relax.

Because I have cerebral palsy my body is constantly moving. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to doodle on a piece of paper, although I need to use a computer for everything. But after researching the calming effects of coloring, I now understand why the activity helps me so much. When my brain and hands are focused on coloring, the rest of my body can begin relaxing.

My other love is for word games and word searches. I’ve actually been accused of being addicted to Words With Friends. Let’s face it; there are worse things one can be addicted to! One evening while I was doodling, just passing the time, waiting for my turn to play, I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if I could create a book that combines both coloring and word searches.” I got busy, and after a lot of trials and (mostly) errors, Whimsy Word Search was born. I don’t think there’s anything else like it out there.

I have created two puzzle styles so far; “normal” Whimsy Word Search is a prettier, more colorful take on a typical word search. It allows you to color each letter in the words you find. My husband suggested I find a way to make these puzzles evenclaire book more challenging. I asked myself, “Why use simple letters when you can challenge your puzzle lovers with pictograms?” I decided to have each pictogram represent a letter, and then find the connecting pictograms to form the words. Hence, Whimsy Word Search, Pictogram Style was developed.

I look forward to creating more adult coloring books in the future with added variety in terms of style, theme and level of difficulty. Until then I hope you will enjoy our first few books. Each comes with 60 original puzzles. So pull your crayons out and let the coloring begin! With different levels of difficulty, let your brain decide how detailed you want to make your puzzles. You can draw a simple line through a found word or fill in each letter or pictogram with colors. The creative possibilities are endless.